JUL-401 Nude Model Adultery By Director Nagae! Brand New Cheating Drama! Ayaka Muto

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Well, this movie has some serious and intense drama plot. Not a full surprise since it’s directed by Nagae.

In the plot, this salaryman guy is married to Ayaka Muto, a very beautiful wife to whom he has been married 10 years. His boss, Abe, caught attention that he has a really pretty wife, and arranges to have dinner at their house.

There, the boss makes a very outrageous proposal: he wants to have a photo session with the wife and himself, fully naked. He even brought samples to show them. And even brings forward that this will be good to commemorate their 10 years together.

The boss gets refused (naturally), and he gets very enraged. So the employee guy feels trapped, between conceding to the boss’s ridiculous demands or protect his wife… That would be fully naked in this supposed artsy session.